Irene Paxia

Irene Paxia, Consultant on Immigration Matters

Irene Paxia started Petra Solutions, LLC as a consulting practice in 2020, leveraging 15 years of experience in the area of immigration, fund raising, academic education, and government planning, with companies ranging from local organizations to city government entities, from international agencies to universities.

  • Irene’s work experience includes the roles of international program director at American Red Cross, language/culture lecturer at Purdue University, community development specialist at City of Fort Wayne, and chief executive officer at Amani Family Services. Her personal journey helped her find her passion for supervising initiatives benefitting the public, improving inclusion, and the civil responsibility of companies and service providers.
  • Thanks to Petra Solutions, Irene collaborates with multiple companies to help them build winning intercultural paths. Her studies include a master’s in Business Administration at Indiana University, and a Laurea Quadriennale at Università di Bologna (Italy) in International Diplomatic Sciences, besides certifications in Fund Raising Management (CFRM) and Project Management.

Thus, Irene dedicates herself to positive change and to developing programs with private businesses, government institutions, and volunteer groups, motivated by honest passion for humanity as a whole. One of her most recent accomplishments came in the form of a mural that the City of Fort Wayne, Ind., dedicated to her in July 2021, to celebrate her work with refugees.

Irene grew up in Italy where her name is pronounced “Ee-reh-neh”; however, pronouncing Irene as it looks in English is completely fine for her, too. As she puts it: “As long as people talk to me, I don’t worry about it”.