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The Poor Handmaids arrived in Allen County from Germany in 1868, established St. Joseph Hospital in 1869, and today maintain their commitment to providing compassionate care to all through the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation. The Foundation works with more than 100 local community partners to improve the health and wellness of the most vulnerable populations facing issues such as hunger, temporary homelessness, unexpected pregnancies, attaining legal work status, and access to affordable healthcare including mental health services. Since 1998, the foundation has provided more than $25 million through more than 1,700 grants to strengthen organizations like Healthier Moms & Babies and A Mother’s Hope. Six of every 1,000 babies born in Allen County die before their first birthdays. By promoting the health and safety of moms, babies, and families, Healthier Moms & Babies and A Mother’s Hope are two of the Foundation’s partners reducing infant mortality and improving the outcome of pregnancies.