Past Frederick J. Pfeiffer Fund Grants

2012-2017 Sampling of Peiffer Recipients

A Hope Center

  • Equipment for A Hope Center’s STI/STD Education and Abortion Counseling.
    • 2015 $2,838.00
    • 2014 $4,999.00
  • For a new ultrasound machine.
    • 2012 $10,000.00

Early Childhood Alliance

  • To purchase an otoacoustic emissions (OAE) hearing screening device, case, printer and start-up supplies.
    • 2013 $4,000.00

East Allen County Schools

  • To improve the amount and quality of sensory activities for at‑risk students, through the purchase and installation of equipment in a sensory room at Heritage Elementary School.
    • 2014 $2,922.00
    • 2013 $5,000.00

Easter Seals Arc of Northeast Indiana

  • To purchase two DINAMAPS to monitor and improve health outcomes for 600 low-income consumers with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
    • 2017 $4,000.00
  • For a Hoyer lift and two adjustable exam tables so individuals with disabilities can receive quality medical exams on site at Easter Seals.
    • 2014 $19,500.00

Fort Wayne Community Schools

  • To purchase the early interventions combo kit, including vision and hearing screening equipment, to be utilized in the Family Resource Center to screen students new to the school district.
    • 2015 $10,932.00
  • For blood glucose meters, to be used by school nurses.
    • 2014 $893.20

Fort Wayne Rescue Mission Ministries – Charis House

  • To supply the Charis House medical clinic with durable medical equipment.
    • 2012 $2,500.00

Fort Wayne Sexual Assault Treatment Center

  • To purchase a VHS to DVD converter, cart, DVDs, and flat screen TV with built‑in DVD player for conversion of all VHS tapes to DVDs for training purposes.
    • 2015 $580.00
  • To upgrade the examination rooms with new medical and storage equipment.
    • 2013 $4,550.00

Headwaters Counseling

  • To purchase an Electronic Medical Record (EMR), in order to capture and access the appropriate real‑time information when assessments are conducted.
    • 2015 $21,370.00

Healthier Moms & Babies

  • To purchase iPads to be used by case managers for field documentation and educational presentations and videos at home visits.
    • 2017 $4,300.00

HearCare Connection

  • To contribute to the purchase of audiology equipment.
    • 2017 $10,000.00

Matthew 25 Health & Dental Clinic

  • To purchase medical and dental equipment.
    • 2017 $10,704.00
    • 2016 $15,309.10
    • 2015 $9,628.07
  • For an electrocardiogram (ECG) machine, defibrillators and dental equipment.
    • 2014 $9,369.00

National Kidney Foundation of Indiana

  • To purchase a Nova Stat Sensor blood analyzer and Linerarity Kit for NKFI’s Indiana Kidney Check screening program.
    • 2014 $3,700.00

Northeast Indiana Positive Resource Connection (formerly AIDS Task Force)

  • To purchase two medical exam tables for an on‑site medical clinic for high risk clients not adhering to treatment, and newly HIV positive individuals or clients re‑engaging back into treatment.
    • 2015 $2,779.93

Park Center

  • Start‑up funds for program‑related equipment for an integrated medical and behavioral health clinic at the site of the Lafayette Medical Center.
    • 2016 $32,742.00

Super Shot

  • For a refrigerator, freezer and three transport coolers to safely store and transport vaccines.
    • 2017 $10,628.65

Women’s Care Center

  • For Medical Charting hardware and software.
    • 2015 $5,000.00
  • For ultrasound printers and fetal models to help educate new parents to choose life for their babies.
    • 2014 $7,000.00