Dr. Louis and Mrs. Anne Schneider Fellowships for Continuing Healthcare Education

Description: The late Dr. Louis and Mrs. Anne Schneider understood and valued the importance of well-trained health and wellness care providers in our community. As a result, they established these fellowships to assist local not-for-profit agencies in building the capacity of their agencies and staffs to provide quality care to the people of Allen County. A preference will be to provide Fellowships that broaden the base of community health knowledge with new skills, services, and health and wellness care abilities of health professionals in the community.

All grants will be made to non-profit agencies, not individuals. Agencies may apply to use the Fellowships to either send staff or volunteers to continuing education opportunities, or to bring an expert to the community to provide specialized health and wellness care training for a group of staff, volunteers, and/or community members. Fellowships typically are capped at $2,000 annually. The Foundation prefers not to fund staff certification trainings and annual conference participation – rather education opportunities on new best practices to help agencies grow and advance their healthcare and wellness services.

The St. Joe Foundation shares the values and charism of its Sponsor, the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, and follows Catholic Social Teaching. Applicants are encouraged to review our core values and key beliefs.

Deadlines: Anytime throughout the year

Eligibility: Applicants should be not-for-profit organizations that focus on residents of Allen County, Indiana. Applicants should have a demonstrated history of serving poor and vulnerable populations with physical, mental, spiritual, dental and/or visual health and wellness services. Applicants should demonstrate that at least 51% of their clients are very low income.

Area organizations may apply for the Dr. Louis and Mrs. Anne Schneider Fellowships for Continuing Healthcare Education to assist in building the capacity of their agency and staff to provide quality care in Allen County. Learn more about the St. Joe Foundation through a sampling of past recipients of the Dr. Louis and Mrs. Anne Schneider Fellowships.

The Dr. Louis and Mrs. Anne Schneider Fellowships include a Travel and Business Expense Reimbursement Policy. Please be sure to read the guidelines below when applying for a Fellowship.

In preparing a budget for a Schneider Fellowship application, the following expenses are allowable. Schneider Fellowships are capped at $2,000.
Agencies that are provided with a grant are typically asked to administer the funds directly.

  • Air Travel
    • All air travel should be made using economy class.
  • Automobile
    • Mileage – Use the current Indiana state reimbursement rate.
    • Parking – All reasonable and necessary business-related parking fees will be reimbursed.
    • Tolls – All reasonable and necessary business-related tolls, tunnel or bridge fees, etc. will be reimbursed. Provide receipts, if possible.
    • Rental – Rental automobiles may be used when such practice is considered to be more advantageous than the use of taxi or other means of transportation.
  • Lodging
    • All out-of-town hotel or motel lodging will be reimbursed based on the reasonableness of the geographical area.
    • The St. Joe Foundation does not require professionals to share hotel rooms to save costs; this should follow individual agency preference.
  • Meals
    • Meals are reimbursed only when travel includes an overnight stay, and as part of the continuing education program.
    • No alcoholic drinks will be reimbursed.
  • Registration/Conference Fees
    • Discounts for early or group registration should be taken whenever possible.
    • To claim registration fees, a program or other literature indicating the program dates, fees and agenda are required with the grant application.

Updated January 2022

2017 Schneider Fellowship grantee, The Carriage House, assists adults with a history of severe and persistent mental illness, through an accredited Clubhouse Model program designed to empower and support its members. Carriage House members, staff, and board members attended the Clubhouse International World Conference in Detroit, Michigan in September 2017, through a Schneider Fellowship grant for transportation expenses.