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Sharon Tubbs

Community Liaison

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Sharon has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. She has over 25 years of professional experience in the newspaper, communication, and marketing industries. She is a published author and small business owner. She also served on many boards and committees in Tampa, Florida including Tampa Urban Young Life and Grace Family Church. She held leadership positions in both organizations.

As HEAL(Healthy Eating and Active Living) and the Prenatal and Infant Care (PIC) Network Community Liaison, Sharon is responsible for telling the HEAL and PIC story and communicating the mission, benefits, and program options. Sharon builds relationships with churches, businesses, and organizations to get the word out in these two areas.  Her work with HEAL, in the designated food desert areas of Fort Wayne, resulted in an expansion of Our HEALing kitchen classes from 3 organizations in 2015 to 28 organizations in 2016.