We encourage grant seekers to discuss proposal ideas with Foundation staff by telephone, personal appointment or email before submitting a proposal. This will help confirm basic funding compatibility. All proposals need to focus on improving the health of low-income vulnerable populations in Allen County, Indiana.


Health and Wellness Grants for Vulnerable Populations: These funds are to advance programs, projects and partnerships that address the needs of vulnerable populations. The St. Joe Foundation is particularly interested in programming and ideas that improve the health of pregnant women and infants; address nutrition and food insecurity; improve access to quality healthcare; and assist refugees and immigrants in bettering their health. Grants typically ranging from $5,000 to $35,000.


Medical Equipment: The Frederick J. Pfeiffer Fund is for capital improvements, or acquiring medical or surgical equipment. Grants typically range from $1,000 to $10,000.


Service to the Poor: The Saint Katharina Kasper Award is for agencies serving the poor. Grants are up to $1,500 annually.


Healthcare Education: The Dr. Louis and Mrs. Anne Schneider Fellowship Fund is for continuing healthcare education. Grants are up to $2,000 annually.


Burn Care and Prevention: The Burn Care and Prevention Fund is for the improvement of the overall readiness of the community in burn care and burn prevention. Grants are up to $10,000.


Raymond Rosenberger - Minette Baum Award: This award honors an individual who provides diligent and faithful service to alleviate human suffering or to enhance the quality of life of a person afflicted with illness or injury. The award recipient is nominated by the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation.