HEAL Markets & Classes 

We know all people need quality, nutritional food to lead a full, active, healthy life. However, Allen County residents living in communities without nearby grocery stores and/or affordable farm stands face challenges in accessing quality, affordable food and in knowing how to include it in their diet.

In Allen County, there are 51,830 residents identified as food insecure (14.3%), with 54% of this population eligible for WIC and SNAP nutritional assistance. Of the 51,830, approximately 18.7% are children under the age of 18 (feedingamerica.org). According to the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, the health of a community is driven by environment and zip code. HEAL was created as a jointly-funded collaboration between Parkview Health and the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation to address the stated issues and improve health outcomes in Allen County.

HEAL addresses food access and education through three key programs:

HEAL Farm Markets
Our HEALing Kitchen Cooking Classes
 ($1,000 Our HEALing Kitchen Class Grants are now available!)

GATE (Growth in Agriculture Through Education) Urban Garden