Annually the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation has the privilege of nominating the Raymond Rosenberger - Minette Baum Awardee. The recipient is selected by the Foundation Board for their diligent and faithful service with an exempt charitable organization(s) to alleviate human suffering or enhance the quality of life of persons afflicted with illness or injury, or to promote wellness through the prevention of illness, disease or injury.

PNC Financial Services manages the Raymond Rosenberger Trust and annually distributes a financial award to the recipient and/or their charitable organization(s).

The Foundation does NOT accept applications for this grant award.

The St. Joseph Community Health Foundation's 2017 Raymond Rosenberger - Minette Baum Awardee was  Leon Youngpeter.

Past Rosenberger Recipients include:

Leon Youngpeter for the web
Leon Youngpeter 2017 Rosenberger Award recipient.

2012: Meg Wilson
2011: Julie Nay Winn
2010: Connie A. Kronstain
2009: Anthony M. Zirille
2008: Dr. Robert Dettmer
2007: Linda Graham, RN
2006: Meg Distler
2005: Sr. Helen Watkins, PHJC
2004: Dr. Deborah McMahan
2003: Dr. Louis Schneider
2002: John Tippmann, Sr.
2001: Jerry Henry, Jr.
2000: Dr. Michael Mastrangelo