Sponsor & History

Our Sponsor

The St. Joseph Community Health Foundation is sponsored by The Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, founded by Blessed Catherine Kasper, in Dernbach, Germany in 1851. In addition to the Foundation, the Poor Handmaids also have other ministries in the United States.

Our History

St. Katharina Kasper
The first Poor Handmaids sent to America: Sr.'s Bella, Corona, Eudoxia, Fecunda, Henrica, Matrona, and Hyacintha.

In 1868, eight members of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ traveled from Dernbach, Germany to the Fort Wayne area at the request of the Bishop to help the many struggling German immigrants. Soon after arriving, they purchased the bankrupt Rockhill Hotel and converted it into the St. Joseph Hospital, to serve anyone in the community in need of nursing, including the German immigrants.