Board of Directors & Staff

2021-2022 Board Members

  • Representative of the Sponsor:
  • Chair: Joe Muhler
  • Vice-Chair: Bill Ehinger
  • Immediate Past Chair: Tom Felts
  • Treasurer / Finance Committee Chair / PHJC Investment Committee Representative: Kevin Noll
  • Secretary: Lora Overton
  • Board Nominating & Development Committee Chair: Dave Johnson
  • Community Initiatives Committee Co-Chairs: Maria Krach & Bill Ehinger
  • Spiritual Health Committee Chair: Mary Glowaski
  • Grants Committee Chair: Mary Hess
  • Ex-Officio, Executive Director (Non-Voting): Meg Distler


Margaret Distler

Executive Director

Marla Rust

Executive Assistant & Operations Coordinator

Angela Stanley

Vulnerable Populations Program Officer

Mary Tyndall

Double Up Program Manager and Chief Storyteller

Mark Burkholder

Multimedia Coordinator

Emily Owen

Chief Financial Officer

Irene Paxia

Consultant on Immigration Matters

Andrew Applegate

Consultant on Immigration Matters