Board of Directors & Staff

2020-2021 Board Members

  • Representative of the Sponsor:
  • Chair: Joe Muhler
  • Vice-Chair: Bill Ehinger
  • Immediate Past Chair: Tom Felts
  • Treasurer / Finance Committee Chair / PHJC Investment Committee Representative: Kevin Noll
  • Secretary: Lora Overton
  • Board Nominating & Development Committee Chair: Dave Johnson
  • Community Initiatives Committee Co-Chairs: Maria Krach & Bill Ehinger
  • Spiritual Health Committee Chair: Mary Glowaski
  • Grants Committee Chair: Mary Hess
  • Ex-Officio, Executive Director (Non-Voting): Meg Distler


Margaret Distler

Executive Director

Marla Rust

Executive Assistant & Operations Coordinator

Angela Stanley

Vulnerable Populations Program Officer

Mary Tyndall

Double Up Program Manager and Chief Storyteller

Mark Burkholder

Multimedia Coordinator