Refugees & Immigrants

As Fort Wayne continues to be a welcoming home for refugees and immigrants, the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation has made it a priority to serve them. The challenges these refugees and immigrants face are complex, and we hope to make life easier for them, just as our sponsor, the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, did when they came to Fort Wayne in 1868 to minister to German immigrants.

We continue their tradition today, and presently, we are most concerned with refugees and immigrants accessing healthcare and other critical resources. We know that over 25% of individuals without health insurance in Allen County are Hispanic and that over 10% of Allen County residents speak a language other than English in their home. There is a large fear in the Hispanic community of the deportation of undocumented individuals, as well as discrimination and possible violence.

Knowing these statistics and desiring to help refugees and immigrants, The St. Joe Foundation is compelled to support efforts that assure refugees and immigrants will be welcomed with dignity and assisted in accessing healthcare and other critical resources.

Some of the strategies we are supporting include:

In addition, area organizations may apply for a grant from the Foundation to assist refugees and immigrants in accessing critical resources. Learn more about the Foundation’s work in this area through our Immigrant Community Reports and Grantee Stories.

The St. Joseph Community Health Foundation and Language Services Network partner to provide medical interpreters and translators with educational opportunities.