Prenatal & Infant Care Network

The St. Joseph Community Health Foundation and Healthier Moms & Babies co-facilitate a quarterly luncheon meeting for anyone in the community interested in providing quality prenatal and infant care services in northeast Indiana. The quarterly meetings focus on strengthening skills and knowledge of prenatal care providers by:

  • providing introductions to others engaged in this work in the community for easier referral and coordination of resources;
  • offering professional education on new trends, research and best practices in prenatal and infant health;
  • sharing updates on local programming and opportunities regarding prenatal & infant services.

Prenatal & Infant Care Network Webinar

Preconception & Interconception Health and Care
Thursday, November 19, 2020

The next PIC Webinar on November 19, at 11:30 AM, will focus on preconception and interconception health, supporting the PIC Network’s mission to help every Allen County infant live to see their first birthday. According to the Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Infant Mortality (SACIM) Report, if preconception and interconception health and care are improved, the United States will achieve better infant and child health outcomes. Preconception includes family planning, spacing, immunizations, folic acid, substance use management, screening, and treatment for STIs, behavioral and mental health. Interconception health is care delivery consistent with reproductive history. Click the button below to learn more and to register.

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Sponsored Training Opportunities

“Race & Cultural Learning for Care Providers”

Aaron Lane, MSOL, MSW & Janell Lane, MA, LMHC
Co-Founders of Courageous Living

 In-Person Training was 10AM – 12N on September 2, 2020
at the Allen County Public Library
(Masks were required and social distancing was observed.)
Virtual Training was 10AM – 12N on September 15, 2020
via Private Zoom Room

This session for Care Providers was specially designed to develop awareness of cultural barriers and implicit bias activity that often get in the way of best serving clients, especially pregnant women of color and their babies. Facilitators covered the hard to discuss topics including systemic and individual racism, toxic stress impacts on new mothers, ACES on babies and other related issues in the cultural continuum. Participants were provided opportunities to discover blind spots, transparently assess fears, process challenges, and explore realistic scenarios with practical tips for individuals as well as collectives.

These workshops were sponsored by the St. Joe Community Health Foundation.

“Breaking Through Bias in Maternity Care”

March of Dimes Self-Paced, Online Training

“Breaking Through Bias in Maternity Care,” is a 1.5 hour, online implicit bias training course with six modules that provides Care Providers with essential insights to recognize and remedy implicit bias in maternity care settings. This unique learning experience through a self-paced, e-learning platform provides authentic and compelling content for health care providers caring for women before, during, and after pregnancy. The training includes 4 key components:

    1. Overview of implicit bias and personal assessment.
    2. Historical overview of structural racism in the U.S.
    3. Strategies to mitigate racial bias in maternity care.
    4. Building a culture of equity within an organization.

This training can help professionals recognize and change behaviors that will improve patient-provider communication, quality of care and begin a culture shift towards the broader goal of achieving equity for moms and babies.

This training opportunity was sponsored by the St. Joe Community Health Foundation.

Participants were invited to participate in a follow up facilitated group that met after the training events to assist individuals in identifying key strengths and weaknesses with the organization and strategies to these areas.

Organizations or individuals may contact March of Dimes directly to purchase their own training:

Additional Prenatal & Infant Care Resources

The Sleep Safely Campaign provides at-risk families both a safe place for babies to sleep, and education on how to put baby safely to sleep.

Order directories of quality, local, free and low-cost prenatal and infant health resources:

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For more information on the PIC Network contact Laura Dwire, Program Manager.