Prenatal & Infant Care Network

The St. Joseph Community Health Foundation and Healthier Moms & Babies co-facilitate a quarterly webinar meeting for anyone in the community interested in providing quality prenatal and infant care services in northeast Indiana. The quarterly meetings focus on strengthening skills and knowledge of prenatal care providers by:

  • providing introductions to others engaged in this work in the community for easier referral and coordination of resources;
  • offering professional education on new trends, research and best practices in prenatal and infant health;
  • sharing updates on local programming and opportunities regarding prenatal & infant services.

Upcoming Prenatal & Infant Care Network Luncheon:

The high stakes of smoking marijuana while pregnant

Thursday, March 7, 2024


As marijuana becomes more accessible to the public, find out how it interferes with pregnancy and lactation.  Hear from local experts in maternal and infant health care about how the use of marijuana can affect pregnancies and the baby. This luncheon will provide insights on understanding the harmful effects of marijuana and how THC interactions can cause pregnancy complications and health problems to the baby. Our panel of experts will also share some local resources to help mothers who are using marijuana and their care providers.

Lunches will only be provided for those who register by February 27, 2024.

Presenters will include:

Sarah Turner, MD Family Practice Physician with extensive experience with pregnant patients struggling with addictions

Britte Nihart RN, Allen County’s Infant Mortality Review Team Coordinator

Erica Deathe, MSW, Maternal Recovery Specialist at Parkview Health

Nicole Fairchild, MPA, MBA and CEO of McMillen Health with the Healthy Tomorrow App with special resources for pregnant women struggling with addictions

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