Health of Pregnant Women and Infants

There are nearly 6,000 births annually in Allen County. 43% of the mothers are unmarried, and 46% depend upon Medicaid. Furthermore, Indiana ranked 44th in the nation in fetal-infant mortality – that is babies dying before their first birthday. African-American teen moms living on Fort Wayne’s south side are five times more likely to see their babies die before their first birthday than the national average.

This information compels the Foundation to further its long-standing commitment to support life-affirming care to new mothers and fathers, and their babies, to help assure a healthy start in life. Some of the strategies we are supporting include:

In addition, area organizations may apply for a grant from the Foundation’s Health & Wellness Funds to support programming benefiting pregnant moms, dads, and their new babies. Learn more about the Foundation through our Community Reports and Grantee Stories.

A young mother holds her baby and smiles with the father. She was once anxious about her pregnancy, but a trip to Foundation grantee Women’s Care Center and an ultrasound helped her bond with her unborn baby. They came up with a pregnancy plan, and she completed her birth preparation program just in time, as the baby arrived a month early.