Prenatal & Infant Care Stories

Gail’s Turning Point

Prenatal & Infant Care Luncheon recap

Why are Black mothers and infants dying at a greater rate in Indiana?

Spring grants address growing nutrition, mental health and immigration needs

Why are Black mothers and infants dying at a greater rate in Indiana?

Women’s Care Center: Connecting new moms with resources

Lutheran Social Services of Indiana: Helping moms to graduate

March Prenatal & Infant Care Luncheon: New Safe Sleep Information and Resources

Healthier Moms and Babies releases Infant Mortality Report

December Prenatal & Infant Care Webinar on
Housing Trends and Resources for parents, children, and vulnerable populations

Free Prenatal & Infant Care Resource Directories
now available

PIC Luncheon explores the challenges of helping parents find safe, nurturing childcare options

Safe Families for Children aims to offer families hope

Healthy Tomorrow app adds discussion groups
for at-risk mothers and babies

New Associated Churches program helping new mothers “get through difficult times”

Journey Birth and Wellness supports pregnant women and new moms

Stop Child Abuse & Neglect – SCAN supports healthy futures for families

Safe sleep practices implemented in child care homes

Inspiring Hope: Q&A with Stasia Roth, Executive Director of A Mother’s Hope

McMillen Health receives funding to develop an Opioid Use Disorder app for women

Building a community wide effort to assure all babies have a safe place to sleep, combating SUIDs

Addressing Unconscious Bias Can Save Lives of Black and Hispanic Infants and their Moms

Infant Mortality Crisis in Indiana

St. Joe grantee, A Mother's Hope Executive Director Stasia Roth, smiles at a resident and her baby

Collaborating With Catholic Partners to Reduce Infant Mortality

Associated Church’s A Baby’s Closet

How does Fort Wayne support single moms and their babies? Ask St. Joe Community Health Foundation

On Behalf of Our Babies

Choosing a Good Life