Associated Church’s A Baby’s Closet

A Baby’s Closet helped 1,048 Individuals in 2018 earn free baby supplies.

Grantee Spotlight: Associated Church’s A Baby’s Closet

It’s not very common that fathers show up on their own at Associated Church’s A Baby’s Closet according to the staff . But they proudly shared the story of one husband who did call, asking how he could collect needed items for his wife who was in her third trimester and having a very rough pregnancy. He confided to the staff that he had another toddler at home who needed supplies but he didn’t have the financial means to purchase them. His wife had earned some coupons, but not enough to get the items they needed most. So the staff persuaded the father to join the classes himself and he earned the coupons. He was able to secure the supplies his family needed. The family was so grateful, a week later they thanked the A Baby’s Closet staff with homemade cookies. This is just one story, of many stories, about families who are helped by A Baby’s Closet .

In 2018, A Baby’s Closet served 1,048 unique clients from over 500 families who earned 4,899 coupons by completing well-baby check ups and parenting classes. For what did they redeem those coupons? 1,006 packages of diapers, 39 car seats, baby clothes, cribs, mattresses and more. The St. Joe Foundation has proudly supported this program since 2005 with Saint Katharina Kasper Awards for exceptional service to the poor.