Nurturing Hope: a closer look at Women’s Care Center

At the heart of our community lies a beacon of hope and parental empowerment—the Women’s Care Center. Supported by the St. Joe Foundation since it opened in 2003, it offers free, confidential counseling, support, and education to expectant mothers, guiding them through one of life’s most profound journeys. At the Women’s Care Center, women receive compassionate care during one of the most critical times in their lives. Offering free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds to help determine viability and dates, the center ensures that every woman is equipped with the knowledge and support she needs to make informed decisions about her future. 

We are honored to share this inspiring client story that the Women’s Care Center shared with us. Its dedicated team, compassionate volunteers, and generous donors have all played a pivotal role in creating a nurturing environment where women, their partners, and their babies can thrive.

They say good things come in small packages. Never has that been more true than for Adam and Shaunice about their baby girl. Scared but excited, they went to the Women’s Care Center to meet their daughter through ultrasound.

“Hearing her heartbeat was like an out-of-body experience,” said Adam. “I thought, ‘Wait! There’s already a heartbeat and she’s only the size of my pinky nail? She is smaller than a peanut! How can something that small have a heartbeat?”

More than anything, it made them proud. Adam said, “We really did this? She’s really here? You see her little profile and her whole spine, fingers and toes…you can’t even believe it all!”

The couple spent months preparing for parenthood by attending classes and earning supplies like clothing, formula, diapers, and more for their baby at Women’s Care Center. They attended 14 one-on-one sessions. And they are loving life with baby Anivah. 

“It’s like she hasn’t seen him in two weeks whenever he comes home from work, with all the giggling and squealing,” laughed Shaunice.

Shaunice loves how the baby has made them a family. “I love watching Adam with her– they have their own little love language. He’s always the first to get a smile.”

Above all, these parents hope that their daughter will grow up to be a good person at heart. 

Shaunice and Adam’s statement about their experience there, “Women’s Care Center is our safe place. We are greeted with open arms, because of you. Thank you for what you do!”

Adam and Shaunice’s journey is a testament to the profound impact that the Women’s Care Center has on families in our community. Their story is just one of many, and we are deeply grateful to be able to support an organization that makes these transformations possible.