Catherine Kasper Place

Founded in May 2010, Catherine Kasper Place was created by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ and the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation to holistically address the needs of the large resettlement of refugees in northeast Indiana from Burma.

The ministry of Catherine Kasper Place has continually shifted, responding to the needs of the community and the refugees and immigrants within it. In 2010, Catherine Kasper Place was best known for its role as the community resource center for refugees. Many programs were also offered through Catherine Kasper Place, including the refugee agricultural and educational program, Fresh Food Initiative. Most prevalent, however, has been its ability to serve as a “connector”, helping immigrants access community resources.

Today, Catherine Kasper Place continues to help connect immigrants with service providers and specialized community resources to overcome barriers.

Catherine Kasper Place, a ministry sponsored by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, provides programs, services and opportunities that advance the integration of immigrants, refugees and political asylees into the community. Preference will be given to programming based in or serving northeast Indiana but not limited to this geographic area. Additionally, we strive to participate in strategic alliances that strengthen the network of information and resources available for the population served.

Immigrants, refugees and political asylees will be integrated into the life of the community through social, spiritual and economic independence and strategic networking.