Our HEALing Kitchen Cooking Classes

“Our HEALing Kitchen” is a “garden-to-kitchen” curriculum that provides knowledge and skill-building to increase fruit and vegetable selection, preparation, and consumption. This curriculum places emphasis on locally grown food and the benefits of eating a diet that is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and low in saturated fats, sugars, and processed foods. “Our HEALing Kitchen” can also help support other foundation missions of the house.

HEAL, sponsored by Parkview Health and St. Joseph Community Health Foundation, is now offering funding to enable local organizations and churches to offer cooking classes aimed at helping people learn new, fun, and affordable ways to integrate healthy foods into their daily diets. The sponsoring organizations realize the importance of fresh fruit and vegetable consumption on overall health and Our HEALing Kitchen classes have been successful in increasing daily consumption by participants from 1.2 cups of fruit to 1.7, and from 1.3 cups of vegetables to 1.7. Of the 308 who participated in 2016, the majority reported they had experienced health improvements and felt more energized when they started eating healthy foods.

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2016-2019 By the Numbers

Local Adult and Youth Participants
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122 Grants for Local Organizations
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68% of Patrons Increased Fresh Produce Consumption by 2.5 Cups

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