Healing Seeds

Our Healing Seeds Program would like to offer a special one-time grant opportunity to help rural East Allen County residents learn to prepare healthy meals using fresh produce and other highly nutritious ingredients, especially during this pandemic.
Program goals include:

  • Teaching participants how to prepare meals using tasty, healthy recipes and cooking techniques.
  • Educating participants on the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables, including the impact of healthy eating on their well-being.
  • Increasing participants’ daily consumption of produce.

In 2021, the Healing Seeds program will fund at least five grants of $5,000 to $10,000 to enable local community agencies serving rural communities to advance the program goals.

Grant recipients must provide participants food (high nutrition produce and staples) accompanied by an education component. This can be done through one of three options:

  • Option 1: Provide your participants with a box of food, a Seeds educational handout, and a link to an online Seeds video on the Healing Seeds 3-Meal Package. Three meals featured a 15-minute educational video on nutrition and cooking techniques: lentil soup, fresh veggie pizza with whole wheat crust, and hearty oatmeal. Budget approx. $25 per person for food and $1,000 administration costs for every 50 participants.
  • Option 2: Select at least four and no more than eight cooking lessons from the Healing Seeds Nutrition and Cooking Manual. Appoint a program coordinator who will use the Healing Seeds 20 minutes Videos to learn at least four lessons. Plan to recruit at least 15 participants for whom you will provide the food (or food vouchers) and the education. The coordinator will schedule and lead the group through the classes either virtually or if in-person, in a setting that can safely accommodate social distancing. Budget $10 per person per lesson and $300 for the program coordinator.
  • Option 3: Design your own strategy to provide nutritious food and a cooking & nutritional component. Up to $10,000 may be requested.

Applications will be due by the end of February, extensions may be granted by special permission. Email St. Joe Foundation at Joe@sjchf.org to answer any questions or assist with application.

Sponsored by the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation, Indiana Department of Health, Indiana Office of Community & Rural Affairs, and Parkview Health and 

For more information on Healing Seeds email the St. Joe Foundation.