2010 Rosenberger Awardee Connie A. Kronstain

Annually, the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation has the privilege of nominating the Raymond Rosenberger – Minette Baum Awardee. The recipient is selected for their faithful and diligent service to a charitable organization that aims to alleviate human suffering or enhance the quality of life of persons afflicted with illness or injury.

The Foundation’s 2010 Raymond Rosenberger Minette Baum Awardee, Mrs. Connie Kronstain, first became affiliated with Poor Handmaid ministries at the St. Joseph Hospital as a volunteer, then as the Gift Shop Manager. When the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ sold St. Joseph Hospital in 1998, Connie joined the staff of the Foundation. Since then, Connie has filled many different roles as this ministry evolved responding to the diverse needs of the poor and indigent. She has served as the Office Manager, Grants Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, Representative, Bookkeeper, Business Manager and Community Resource Center for Refugees Property Manager.

Connie was recognized for her selfless attitude, always saying “YES” despite long hours, inopportune timing and difficult and frequently thankless tasks. Connie has brought professionalism, compassion, organization and a positive “Trust in God” attitude. In the past 24 months, when the staff of the Foundation was stretched dramatically to both maintain its traditional health related grantmaking and open a new the Community Resource Center for Refugees—Connie expanded her hours to help the 12 programs working out of the building maximize their service to the refugees and indigent. In addition to the Foundation’s traditional grantmaking program, the refugee center aka Catherine Kasper Place’s programs reach over 500 different “international” people monthly or in excess of 21,000 visits since it opened in November 2008. She role modeled that no task is below one when done to support others.

Connie, and her best friend and husband Tom, have raised two daughters and a nephew, and enjoy three grandchildren. Connie’s Catholic faith is vitally important to her and she chose to donate her Rosenberger award money to benefit the Cathedral and its ministry funds.