Conversations that Save Lives

At RemedyLIVE, they employ the power of a simple phrase: “How are you?” According to Clinton Faupel, the Executive Director, this simple question, when sent over web chat or a text, is much more impactful than when asked orally. Faupel explains that he has discovered in this ministry, that in a very powerful way, “God uses text messages.”

Marketed toward teenagers, RemedyLIVE is an internet and text-based ministry that has been a tremendous success, since it was launched in 2007. They reach over 80,000 visitors to the website annually. Of those, one in three teens that contact them through texting are from dysfunctional homes, struggling with an addiction or are suffering from a crisis. Oftentimes, they are depressed, and too often, they are considering suicide. Most days see several suicidal young people reaching out through this texting ministry. But, Faupel believes, “If they’re talking to us, they probably want to live.” That’s when Remedy’s army of trained SoulMedics, numbering 101 in the summer of 2014, across the country, go to work. Through this all-volunteer army, Remedy is “empowering people around the country to chat with and help kids.”

God uses text messages…[as] an opportunity to give hope to someone who is hopeless.

Faupel emphasizes the importance of the SoulMedic-style of non-judgmental listening. “Each keyboard is a brick,” he explains, “[that] builds a bridge of trust,” by which they can communicate God’s love and a feeling of hope. On average, the conversations last 45 to 50 minutes, but they can truly change lives in that short span of time.

Remedy encourages openness and dialogue as ways to help people. Simply being there to listen and talk to others about their troubles is a wonderful thing. In Faupel’s words, “Conversations are a great way to go through life.” The SoulMedic “texted” conversations are also an “opportunity to give hope to someone that is hopeless,” as Faupel puts it. He also believes that these opportunities to listen and share are a gift for all involved.

The St. Joseph Community Health Foundation has been a significant supporter of Faupel and RemedyLIVE since 2011, as another important strategy to strengthen the spiritual health of the most vulnerable and those in need of hope. The work of RemedyLIVE advances many of the core values of the Foundation’s sponsor, the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, and therefore, the Foundation is proud to be able to support this opportunity to give hope to someone who is hopeless.

Written by: Charlie Klingenberger, Communications Intern