CTN growing goodness for those needing medical transportation

In 2000, a new non-profit called Community Transportation Network (CTN) was started to help provide medical transportation for the elderly and people with disabilities who needed a little extra help. Another new organization at the time, the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation, leaned in with a $160,784 grant, enabling CTN to buy their first two vehicles. Since then, CTN has grown with the continued support of the Foundation, topping over $900,000. This funding has helped purchase new vehicles and subsidize medical transportation rides during the past two decades. Other area funders have also generously invested to assure there is affordable transportation available for those needing a little extra care. 

This continues to be a community success and especially important in 2022. CTN Executive Director Justin Clupper shared a story illustrating the importance: “A rider called recently in tears; she’d been diagnosed with cancer and was starting chemo the following week. She has no kids, and her friends no longer drive. Without CTN, she likely would have moved into assisted living. When we told her we could take care of her transportation, her voice changed. Instead of fear and worry, it was filled with hope. When she asked what her fee would be, and she shared her household income was a little more than $2,000, we said it would be only $5 per trip. She was at a loss. ‘That’s all?!’ We replied, ‘yes, because rides are supported by donors who make the ride happen.’ As you can imagine she was crying again. She started riding with us and was giving the driver a few dollars more than what she was supposed to each time. A driver asked her why and she said, ‘I want to help someone, too.’”  

Meg Distler, executive director of St. Joe Foundation added, “This is a wonderful story of how generosity and philanthropy can ‘grow goodness’ in our community.”