Redemption House adds new Wellness Director

The health and wellness programming at Redemption House is now more robust thanks to the recent hiring of a fulltime Wellness Director.

Registered nurse and certified nurse practitioner Linda Iseler is just getting started creating wellness plans for all of Redemption House’s residents, who are court ordered to the program. Redemption House is a transition home for women and serves as an alternative to incarceration. While in the program, women address substance abuse issues and gain the skills needed to live successfully on their own.

“Our wellness program has been part of our ministry for years and it’s evolved,” says Tomi Cardin, executive director of Redemption House. “It started initially with a mental health piece, but we’ve continued to run into issues with managing medications and that’s not something staff was qualified to do.”

Iseler says many of the residents have numerous medications prescribed by several different physicians, so she’ll start by helping residents better understand the side effects and the purpose of each of the medications they’ve been prescribed. She’ll then work with each resident so they can advocate for themselves and talk with their health care providers about what medicines are working and what aren’t working. She hopes that eventually some medications might not be needed.  

Iseler knows she can provide medical expertise, but she also hopes she can be a source of support for the residents.

“I have been through many complicated crises in my life and God has always been faithful,” says Iseler. “I have dealt with addiction in my family and I feel like I can provide hope and joy to the residents. What better way to give back than to help these women heal?”

“We’re grateful to have her,” says Cardin. “You look at her resume and her experience, we could never afford her if it wasn’t something God placed in her heart. She adds so much to the team.”