Grantee Stories

Gail’s Turning Point

St. Joe Foundation Awards More Than $770,000 in Grants

2023 Raymond Ronsenberger-Minette Baum Award winner Denise Porter: Always Encouraging Healthy Eating Active Living

Lutheran Social Services of Indiana: Helping moms to graduate

Transportation Drives Hope in Allen County

How can immigrants and refugees adjust to new communities? Medical interpreters play a key role

Youth for Christ – Transforming Lives

Red Cross Smoke Detector Program Saves Lives Locally

A Beacon of Freedom

Associated Church’s A Baby’s Closet

Amani Family Services – Breaking Down Language Barriers

GiveHear Restores Lives

2019 Rosenberger Awardee Ana Guisti

Compassionate St. Joseph Award

2018 Rosenberger Awardee Kelly Zachrich

2017 Rosenberger Awardee Leon Youngpeter

Giving People a Reason to Smile

Sharing the Gift of Hearing

Finding the Good in Everyone

2016 Rosenberger Awardee Rev. James Keller

Growing Futures Through Gardening

Living to Serve and Make an Impact Daily

Building a Community, One Student at a Time

Conversations that Save Lives

Creating Hope for the Hopeless

Stopping the Cycle of Violence

Choosing a Good Life

2015 Rosenberger Awardee Mary Etheart

Creating Change in the World

2014 Rosenberger Awardee Andy Wilson

2013 Rosenberger Awardee Nancy Schenkel

2012 Rosenberger Awardee Dr. Meg Wilson

2011 Rosenberger Awardee Julie Nay Winn

2010 Rosenberger Awardee Connie A. Kronstain

2009 Rosenberger Awardee Anthony Zirille

2008 Rosenberger Awardee Dr. Robert Dettmer, MD

2007 Rosenberger Awardee Linda Graham, RN